Natural Lithium 50mg/28 days

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These capsules contain natural lithium salts, which are stimulating the brain to generate new stem cells. Bone formation is enhanced through lithium supplementation. Lithium decrease the risk of bone fractures and boosts the body's production of VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), a protein that helps your body form new blood vessels. By encouraging neurons to form synapses and grow, lithium boosts your cognitive skills, memory, focus, normalize mood and reduces the risk of suicide. Low-servings of lithium may also reduce anxiety or stress and improve cognitive functions. Lithium also reduce brain shrinkage and delay aging as well facilitate recovery from alcoholism.

It is recommended to divide the daily dosage, consisting of totally 50 mg up to 250 mg into at least 3-5 portions to achieve optimal metabolic positive results.

Oral daily dosage of this natural mineral has to be provided under medical supervision by your local medical doctor.