How are Vikings & the Carnivore Diet related?

Vikings on the carnivore diet consumed large quantities of meat, giving them an advantage both physically and mentally.

Vikings were the last hunter/gatherers of Europe, the last significant population to be on the carnivore diet after the latest ice-age.

It has been scientifically proven, the size of the body & brain in homo-sapiens as hunter/gatherers, was larger than those of established agricultural societies. While hunter/gatherers carnivore diet depends on animal fats for energy, agricultural societies and our current civilization depend mainly on high-levels of easily digested carbohydrate cereals

Starting from Chinese and Egyptian civilizations, less than 10,000 years ago, regular outbreaks of pandemics became a regularity in all these so called civilizations.


The comfortable life style enjoyed by the agricultural societies, without daily worries of finding food for their survival, gave our Scandinavian ancestors, the Vikings, the help  in conquering other societies living in organized agricultural settlements.

Initially, our tall and physically strong Vikings were very successful in conquering land from North America in the west to the British Isles, Normandy, Central and Eastern Europe.  In these places, agricultural cereal products was the basis of nutritious intake thus making them weaker and unable to resist the Viking invaders.

However, when changing their food intake after living in this new agricultural environment, the following dynasties of Viking settlements became their own victims. The negative effects of easily digested carbohydrates on these Viking ancestors led to diminishing health, as well as victims of pandemic diseases, just as all other agricultural civilizations before them.

During the next hundreds of years, crippled by several pandemics, these people in those civilizations became shorter in length and their brains shrank, recent scientific research has found.

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By providing all of the necessary nutrients through ingestion, studies in recent years have shown results where body length has increased again. This represents a period of about 10,000 years of stagnation, in most well-fed societies around the globe. Worse is the situation of achieving proper brain growth and development. For proper brain development it is necessary to completely change from modern cereal/carbohydrate based diets and complement with all missing micro-nutrients & herbs.#vikings #carnivorediet #ketodiet #brainhealth

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